We are a professional team delivering a consistent and high quality service. We genuinely care about our patients and our assessments are tailored to their individual needs and not as a ‘one size fits all’. We have provided medical and psychiatric assessments for many individuals, so if you or someone you know are currently in a similar place, expert assessment is just a phone call away.
Here at Medical Assessment Agency we are truly interested in what makes each of our clients unique and not just a number. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you start to feel genuinely understood and valued, by contacting us you are taking the first steps towards improved mental health and well-being.

Our mental health assessment is tailored around the patient’s specific needs. Our psychiatrists work along-side clinical psychologists and psychotherapists to cover a wide range of mental health services. Our team will remain by the patient’s side from the psychiatric evaluation through to diagnosis and on-going treatment plans, which can include psychiatric medication and therapy.
Our service is bespoke, so no two assessments are the same. The experienced mental health specialist will tailor a treatment plan around Patient’s exact requirements.
If the patient is suffering with issues such as depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, or others, then a typical treatment plan may look like this:


A warm welcome from the team at Medical Assessment Agency, based in Central London. We are a provider of highly trained medical and mental health experts including senior consultants, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counsellors and psychologists. We offer a bespoke and confidential service for adults, families and children delivering psychiatric and medical services. Our firm believe is that everybody deserves an exceptional mental health and well-being. Our aim is to provide a reliable, warm and caring service, where our experts listen and treat each patient as the unique individual that they are. The reassurance that comes from knowing you are in safe hands frees you to focus fully on your well-being.
As we go through life, moving from one phase to another, it is usual for us to experience both pleasurable and more challenging situations ranging from excitement and joy to uncertainties, sadness, confusion and ambivalence. It is at these demanding times that it is natural that we seek additional support.


For some patients, prolonged or repeating periods of difficulty have become normal. They might be uncomfortable asking for support, feeling the need to put on a brave face and appear strong to others. They even may feel heightened levels of anxiety and chronic stress due to undiagnosed medical or mental health condition, sleep disorder or addiction. The patient may be seeking a second opinion to re-evaluate a long-standing but poorly managed medical or mental health condition, in order to find a more suitable treatment that can assist with the path to recovery. Alternatively the patient may have been managing well until everything fell apart dramatically and find themselves in a very frightening, overwhelming, difficult and painful place.

With our caring and bespoke service, one of our experts can provide you with a warm and comfortable environment for you to make sense of and take stock of your experiences, so that you feel reassured and have a greater sense of possibilities.

We pride ourselves on having the capability to provide an in-depth assessment and analyses, which you can trust and depend on. Give us a call now and we can help you to feel confident and bringing about real, lasting and beneficial change to your life.

Diagnosis – Patient’s initial assessment by a psychiatrist will typically last for about an hour. The psychiatrist will discuss the specific details of the Patient’s condition and explore possible associated issues, Patient’s medical and psychological history and other relevant details.

Treatment Plan – The psychiatrist will discuss the best options available to treat the patient’s condition which may include medication, follow-up appointments or referral to other specialists. The patient will be fully informed about each option and involved in this process so that they can understand the benefits of the options offered by the psychiatrist.

Follow-up Appointments – In some cases, the psychiatrist may wish to see the patient for follow-up appointments to monitor the progress of their treatment plan. These are shorter than the initial assessment, and can take place over the phone or video-chat, as well as face-to-face.

Referrals – The consultant may recommend a course of therapy or other specific treatment offered by mental health specialists.

If you don’t live in London but are looking for a private psychiatrist, it might still be worth getting in touch with us. We offer home/work place visits with flexible appointment times.

For some people it could be a daunting experience to request their initial assessment with a psychiatrist, and they might hold off until they’re confident that they have found the best psychiatrist. Our private mental health assessments come at a standard with the highest levels of confidentiality and professionalism.

Help is only a phone call away, here at Medical Assessment Agency we are experienced with all aspects of mental health assessment and are proud to provide a flexible and customised treatment option to suit your exact needs.

Our mental health specialists are available now to work with you at your convenience at home or work. To get advice and guidance towards booking your first psychiatric assessment give our team a call and we will be happy to help you.


Our expert doctors specialise in Psychiatric, Neuropsychology and Medical History Medico-legal reports. If you are a firm of medico legal solicitors, an individual or have a family member who requires a medico-legal report, please get in touch with us at Medical Assessment Agency. We will arrange an appointment with one of our consultants who is highly specialized in your required area.


Psychiatric evaluation of Mental Disorder – our specialist doctor will write a full medical legal report detailing evidence of mental disorder as evidence for a criminal or civil court/employment nature.

Mental Capacity Assessments – our specialist doctor will compile a detailed medical expert report to evaluate mental capacity of the individual for either criminal or civil case.

Psychiatric evaluation of Abnormal Behaviour – our specialist consultant will put to gather a thorough medico-legal report accounting for abnormal behaviour that may be used in a family court.

Psychological impact of deportation or detention on an individual or family – our specialist doctor or consultant can prepare a meticulous and detailed medico-legal report for legal proceedings of a civil or criminal nature.

Risk Assessments – our experienced medical expert will write a detailed medico-legal report to comment on the relationship between mental state and the capacity to commit future criminal acts, self-harm, suicide or danger to others.

Psychiatric and Behavioural Evaluation – our medical expert can draw up an in-depth psychiatric report to assess and evaluate aspects of violence for legal proceedings to assess possibility or inability of future violent acts.

Psychiatric evaluation related to Personal Injury – our medical expert will write an exhaustive medico-legal report detailing psychiatric aspects for insurance companies as well as the claimant. Personal Injury is any disease and or any impairment of a person’s physical, psychological or mental condition as defined in Section 38 of Limitation Act 1980. The medical report will assess whether the personal injury had led to any psychiatric disorder.

Diagnosis – (DSM-IV and ICD-10) – our expert medical consultant will compile an exhaustive medico-legal report assessing the validity of a psychiatric diagnosis and the impact on behaviour.

Substance Misuse – our medical specialist will complete a medico-legal report evaluating evidence of substance misuse and their impact.

University Performance And Mitigating Circumstances – our medico legal consultants will write a thorough report to evaluate how a student’s mental health such as depression and anxiety affects their performance.

Psychiatric Evaluation Of Trauma – our experienced medical expert will write a full psychiatric medico-legal report.

Psychiatric evaluation on Effects of Trauma(including personal injury psychiatry) – our experienced medical expert can write a full medico-legal report identifying trauma, because of personal injury or injury due to negligence.

Evaluation of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – our experienced medical experts can draw up a full medico-legal report to comment on the existence of PTSD for a personal or civil injury claim. 

Evaluation of Insomnia and other Sleep Disorders – our medical expert can complete a medico-legal report evaluating evidence of insomnia and sleep disorders and the impact on behaviour, for a civil court or employment tribunal.

Evaluation of adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) – our experienced medical expert will carry out an assessment and compile a report for legal proceedings of a civil, criminal or employment nature.

Medico-legal reports for Anxiety and Depression – our medical expert can prepare an exhaustive medical report detailing anxiety and depression which can be used in a civil or criminal court or tribunal.

Bipolar and other Mood Disorders – our medical expert can compile a meticulous and detailed psychiatric medico-legal report to evaluate mood disorders for legal proceedings of a civil or criminal nature.

Neuropsychiatry Evaluation – our experienced and competent medical expert can prepare a detailed medico-legal report describing any cognitive impairment, due to injury or mental illnesses. The report identifies the treatable symptoms and ways that the other symptoms can be managed.

Psychosomatic Disorders – our medical expert can write a detailed medico-legal report to give evidence of a disorder that has been aggravated by psychological stress such as psoriasis, eczema, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure and heart disease. This is usually needed in an employment tribunal or civil court.

Memory loss and Memory and Cognitive Impairment – our experienced and competent medical expert can prepare a detailed medico- legal report assessing the level of memory or cognitive impairment. This report identifies the impairment; the treatable areas and those that require a management plan.

Family Assessments – our experienced medical expert can compile a detailed medico-legal report which can be used in a family court.

Domestic Violence – our professional medical consultant can write a detailed medico-legal report documenting the impact of domestic violence: emotional, sexual, or psychological abuse, to be used for legal proceedings in a family court.

Abuse/ Neglect – our experienced and competent medical expert can write a detailed medico-legal report detailing abuse or neglect by parents or other family members, for use in a family or criminal court.


We carry out medical assessments – a medico-legal psychiatric or medical assessment is necessary to show any link between the source of trauma in a personal injury, or the person’s psychological state in detainment. This would be used to decide whether compensation or bail could be awarded.


We provide Psychiatric / Medical expert witnesses – this is when an expert in their field, such as a consultant, doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist gives evidence in court or by report, to support a case. The judge considers their opinion on the evidence and facts as expert due to their education, training and experience.


We can provide medico legal appointment, for medical reports and medical assessments within a short time frame, and produce the required reports within seven days from the medical assessment taking place. These reports can be produced in 48 to 72 hours if required.
Please call us to find out more about our medico legal reporting, expert witness, psychological and medical assessment services.
At Medical Assessment Agency we know how influential the right medico-legal expert support is to the outcome of any legal proceeding, you can be rest assured that with our specialist consultants you have come to the right.
Call us now for a personalised quote for Medico-legal Reports/Assessments.


Our professional psychiatrist, psychologist and medical doctors are all Section 12 approved. They are comfortable working in collaboration with solicitors and other organisation to offer a prompt, professional and efficient service, recognising how crucial their services are such as a psychiatric expert witness, medical assessments and reports.

All of our consultants have acquired many years of mental health and medical experience and expertise at senior level within the National Health Service (NHS). Throughout their career they have prepared numerus comprehensive medical reports and assessments for legal and non-legal purpose, analysing every aspects and thinking independently and objectively without bias, and communicate the findings confidently, clearly and concisely in their medical reports. By using one of our medical expert you can be rest assured, knowing that you have come to the right place to give yourself the best chance of a success with our thorough and exceptional medico-legal report.


Occupational health services – we can for example provide a detailed psychiatric/medical report to determine if a work situation has led to an employee feeling depressed or if they are mentally fit to return to work.

Insurance Purposes – we can for example provide a detailed psychiatric report to prove the psychiatric impact of a personal injury.

Detention/Prison Service – we can for example provide a detailed psychiatric or medical report to determine if detention or isolation has had a psychological or medical impact on the individual.


  • Civil Court (dealing with non-criminal matters) – we can for example provide a detailed psychiatric/medical report to prove disability discrimination.
  • Family Court – we can for example provide a detailed psychiatric/medical report giving supporting evidence for a fitness to parent claim.
  • Criminal Court – we can for example provide a detailed psychiatric/medical report for ‘fitness to stand trial’, ‘mental capacity’, risk assessments, pre-sentencing reports and probation reports, amongst others.
  • Tribunals – we can for example provide a detailed psychiatric/medical report for an employment tribunal where stress, disability, trauma or absence are assessed. We also work on behalf of employers who need medical reports to defend claims made by employees.



  1. Criminal law, providing a psychology expert witness
  2. Employment Law including employment, stress and absence, disability
  3. Family law
  4. Asylum and immigration
  5. Civil and personal injury
  6. Education
  7. Clinical negligence
  8. Housing


There are times when you might need the opinion of a medical expert to support your case and put emphasis to your claim, to redress a wrong. This can be for many reasons. Perhaps you are suing an employer for harassment-related stress and anxiety, or you might be an employer defending a claim made by an employee. You might need a professional medical consultant to prove to HMRC that ADHD or a mental health condition which has delayed you in filing your paper work. Maybe you need a medical expert to give proof for mitigating circumstances from university. Could be that you need medico-legal consultants to give evidence of trauma to strengthen your asylum or immigration case. These are just a few of the reasons you might need a medical expert to carry out a medical assessment, write a medical expert report, act as an expert witness or provide a medical expert witness report.

You might be an individual defending a family member with a mental health condition at a tribunal, or an employee in an employment tribunal. A local authority such as social services, acting for a party in Family or Civil Court, a team of solicitors acting on behalf of a client in a civil court, or a private company. We have leading medical consultants who are specialists in their respected field.